• Parking

    When you arrive to St. James United Methodist Church, you are welcome to park in any of the available spots in our parking lot. We are located at 512 St. James Ave. Goose Creek, SC 29445.

  • Volunteers and Atmosphere

    We strive to make the patch a fun and exciting experience for families. We volunteers are made up of our church family and they are happy to see you and your family visiting the patch. They enjoy meeting new families and families from the past each and every year. Our volunteers will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have or assist you with your pumpkins.

  • Wagons

    We have some wagons available for you to take around with you when shopping for pumpkins. You can also use the wagon to wheel your pumpkins to your car. When you're done just wheel it on back or if a volunteer is available at the moment they will be happy to come get it from you.

  • Cost of Pumpkins

    Bulk Pumpkins:

    When you enter the patch, if you locate the big white tent you will see a lineup of different sized pumpkins. They are lined up from small to large and will have prices written on them. This is to help give you an idea of how much our bulk pumpkins cost. They are based on size (circumference), and will be measured individually when you come up to the tent to check out.

    Small Pumpkins and Gourds:

    These pumpkins will be placed separately from the bulk pumpkins and will have a sign close by with a price on it.

    Decoration Sticker Sheets:

    When you go to check out at the big white tent, we will have decoration sticker sheets on display for you to purchase and use on your pumpkins.

  • Check Out

    When you are ready to check out with your pumpkins, just make your way on up to the big white tent, and our volunteers will be happy to check you out. At the tent, a volunteer will you the pumpkin measuring tool to measure each of your bulk pumpkins to determine their cost. The volunteers will add up your cost and let you know the total. We accept cash, card, and check. We have a touch-less POS system which means you can just insert or tap your debit/credit card to the card reader. There is no tax added to your total. All card purchases must total at least $1.00.

  • Why No Free Pumpkins?

    Unfortunately we are unable to give away free pumpkins, even for a good cause. We also cannot lower the cost for anyone purchasing pumpkins in bulk amounts. We receive these pumpkins at no cost from Pumpkin Patch USA and the Navajo Indian Reservation in New Mexico. They trust us to be open every day and sell the pumpkins we ask for. While we do keep a percentage of the proceeds from the patch, which go towards the advertised mission organizations, the rest is sent back to Pumpkin Patch USA. This helps provide jobs and financial stability to the large Navajo Indian population in Farmington, NM. This entire pumpkin patch is built on trust and a handshake. We want to make sure we are honoring our promise to them. We hope you will understand why we are unable to give away free pumpkins.

My Sister’s House

My Sister's House is a nonprofit organization in Charleston, SC, dedicated to supporting survivors of domestic violence and their children. They provide comprehensive services such as shelter, counseling, legal advocacy, and education to empower survivors to break free from abusive situations and build safe, independent lives.

Helping Hands of Goose Creek

Helping Hands of Goose Creek, located in Goose Creek, SC, is a community-based nonprofit organization committed to assisting individuals and families facing financial hardships. They provide essential support through food, emergency financial assistance, and educational programs, fostering self-sufficiency and resilience in the community.

Water Mission

Water Mission, based in Charleston, SC, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing safe and sustainable clean water solutions to communities in need worldwide. They design and implement innovative water, sanitation, and hygiene solutions, transforming lives and improving health for vulnerable populations. Water Mission's work empowers communities to thrive by ensuring access to clean water and promoting long-term sustainability.

Healing Guatemala

Healing Guatemala is a nonprofit organization that focuses on providing vital medical care and surgical services to underserved communities in Guatemala. They are dedicated to improving the health and well-being of Guatemalan individuals and families by offering essential healthcare services, including surgeries, consultations, and medical outreach programs. Healing Guatemala's mission is to transform lives by addressing the medical needs of those who lack access to adequate healthcare in the region.